Frequently Asked Questions


Laser tattoo removal is an often safe, effective and progressional process. We have found that many who come into the clinic simply want to know:


  1. How much will this cost?
  2. Does it Hurt?
  3. Exactly how many times do we have to do it?


Of course these are all great questions! Some of which we have legitimate answers to and some we don't. We may have ideas, we may have experience with a multitude of skin types, tattoos and equipment and yet, until we start working on removing the tattoo you are looking to see a lot less of, we don't know exactly how to gauge more specifically what your looking to expect time and clearance wise from session to session.


What laser technology do you have and when was it last serviced?


We use the Quanta Q-Plus C Tattoo Removal System for treatments. With three wavelengths in one powerful system with Q-switch pulses - we are able to tackle a multitude of colors. It has the 532nm, 694nm and 1064nm wavelengths and also works with Optibeam TM technology to ensure you get effective energy and heat distribution for safe and successful treatments.


We keep all our lasers most recent and past service records on the wall in the room where the laser is used. Our machine has always been serviced by Quanta Factory Trained Technicians and we use Photonics Service Group to keep our equipment vetted so you get the most out of your treatments. This ensures you get treated with a laser that has been serviced preventatively on a regular basis and we will reschedule any appointment we have booked if needed when we notice something needs attention.


What is your tattoo removal experience?


Lydia Marsh - has been treating patients full time since September 2014. Has been trained on three different pieces of Q-Switch technology, has treated every skin type from a 1-6, professional to prison tattoos and a variety of full removals and crop or edit jobs as well. She's been working on removing 1.5 sq ft of her ink, which is quite a project and has experienced personal treatments that give her an ability to connect with the treatment on a patient level as well as a technical level.


Rodney Littau - has been treating patients part time since June 2015 and has treated a variety of skin types, tattoos and projects. He is working on removing 1 sq ft of his ink of his arm, shoulder and neck.


Both of our technicians have received training from both the Texas Laser Institute in Dallas, Texas and from A Laser Academy in Denver, Colorado. As technology and studies give us more information any investment in our knowledge base just allows our patients to have a better experience in our clinic.


How many tattoo removal treatments will I need to achieve my goals?


There are many unknown factors that often predicate your experience before you get started.We can only ESTIMATE the number of treatments it will take to completely remove the tattoo. This is because:  the wide variation of inks and colored materials used for tattooing that are not FDA regulated, the inks themselves are made up of a combination of different chemical substances, the amount of ink placed in the tattoo, as well as the depth of pigment placement varies from one tattoo to another,  the ability of your white blood cells to “gobble up and drag away” different pigment particles varies, other unknown factors like ones specific health, immune system health and other unknown factors as well.


It’s rare that even the best tattoo removal technology can fully remove an Amateur/Professional tattoo in less than 4 treatments. We don't feel that anyone in our industry has the scientific backed knowledge given the unknown factors to predict and determine your exact outcome. Before you start or even after you have started this outcome. We tell our patients if somebody has given them an exact idea of how many treatments they need and not discussed risks, to find an exit. It's not professional and it creates unrealistic patient outcomes from the get go.


With our Quanta Q-Plus C Q-Switch equipment and treatment protocol we can often remove a ink dense tattoo that is 10 years or newer in 8-10 treatments as a general baseline. So the more faded, older and less professional your tattoo is before you started your high clearance rates are likely to happen sooner. But again these are just baselines, and not everyone's scenario. During your consultation we may give you a session range to mentally budget for ahead of time.


What are the odds of achieving my tattoo removal goals?


We have found those with true neon, white and everlasting ink tend to not have success in traditional laser treatment. There are other treatment options available here in town that may be able to remove those more effectively than laser treatments. The FDA is serious about approving Class 4 Medical Devices and our equipment in the office has gone through serious testing to be approved as a treatment option. We tend to find over continual treatments we can achieve clearance rates up to 95% with homemade, cosmetic and Indian inks. Scaring and permanent pigmentation issues are always a risk, those very low and some dependent on skin types and the colors we are needing to remove in the tattoo. We will discuss both typical and more specific risks with you when we asses your tattoo during your free tattoo removal consultation. We also provide you with specific post care treatment that our medical director has approved for you to follow after you leave the clinic.


Legit equipment, knowledgeable and experienced technicians, good immune health and following post care instructions are all solid ways to keep your tattoo removal process going.


How painful will this be?


This is often something we hear in fear from those walking in our door, often something told to them by somebody who has never received a tattoo and or by somebody who has never received a tattoo removal treatment.


If you have ever walked into a tattoo shop, you'll find a variety of people showing varying levels of tolerance. Some people in chairs are holding or rather squeezing their friends hand and others are laughing and smiling as if nothing is going on. We see the same in our office.


Everyone has a very different pain tolerance, just don't forget to breathe and not hold your breath when you get here. We are able to treat the average business card sized tattoo in 2 minutes or less. It is the most intense during the 2 minutes and may feel like a new tattoo or sunburn before you walk out the door.


How much will this cost me?


We often find this is the first question or one of the first one we are asked. Either in an inquisitive phone call or during the free consultation. Our sessions are affordable and budget friendly. We have an initial fee like your tattoo artist or any service provider would, the bigger the area your tattoo may cover, may not mean your going to have a more expensive treatment. We don’t charge for dead space and we give discounts on multiple tattoos if they are being treated at the same time. We highly suggest coming in for a free consultation so we can give you an accurate price on your tattoo. Our sessions start at $79.00 per session for a 1x1 and go up from there.



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